August Update

August Update

Spider Hall Improvements

As previously reported, we have taken advice from various bodies and are taking measures to reduce the chances of further fish losses from environmental changes.

The first stage is now complete, with the installation of a non-return valve to the front lake outflow. This will ensure no polluted water is able to travel back up the pipe during a heavy downpour. Once again, our thanks go out to everyone who assisted over the weekend to make this possible.

The newly installed non return valve fitted to the outflow of the front lake.

The newly installed non return valve fitted to the outflow of the front lake.

Stage two will see the installation of four aeration pumps, two in the front lake and one in each of the others. This will create more stable oxygen levels over the whole complex.

Mote Park Algae

For several weeks now, the lake has suffered from high levels of algae. Fish losses have been minor, with the main victims being very small fry going belly-up. However please be vigilant and contact a member of the committee if you see fish in difficulty.

Committee Vacancies

The committee is currently two bodies short. We are looking for someone to co-ordinate work parties on our waters where and when required. This would include posting the information on the website and requesting volunteers and making sure all the equipment and materials are available to do the work.

If you think this is a position you could fill please contact Ron Busby on 07500894538.

The second position is for a general committee member. Please also contact Ron for this position.

Match Report

The Club Championship is really tight this year with a number of anglers all chasing a podium place and ultimately the title. With six of the ten matches completed following this weeks Mote Park match that saw Mike Rose take maximum points and Ken have a bad day at the office, the top six looks like this after the worst two results have been discarded:

Mike Rose 40
Ken Burdekin 37
Trevor Froud 36.5
Tony Willamott 34
Mick Roberts 30
Anthony Filmer 27

This years Kent Championships take place on Sunday 11th September and have been moved from The Rother to the Military Canal.

The following week is the Dave Pankhurst Memorial Trophy Open on the Medway at Barming. Contact the match secretary to book a place.

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