October Update

October Update

New Website and Forum

The new website and forum is due to go live on November 1st. Unfortunately members will have to reregister to access the forum pages, we hope the easier method to upload photo’s to posts will encourage more users to post on the forum.

There will also be a facility to pay for your membership renewal online via Paypal. If you encounter issues please let us know, there may be a few teething problems but we felt the current website needed a complete refresh.

Many thanks to Jez Hughes for offering his services in getting this project completed.

You will still reach the new website by using the same website address.


Barming Towpath Works

On October 31st work is due to begin on a new pathway downstream of Barming bridge. The path is part of a funded project to provide access for travel in a traffic free environment.

We have been informed that the path will be 2.5 meters wide and be of tarmac construction. We have stressed that we will not allow the path through our boundary to encroach on the river side of the existing path at any point.

There may be periods when the path may be closed for safety reasons but there will always be parking available for our members and upstream fishing will still be available.

The contractors have requested an area in our car park to store plant, which we have granted, in return for them improving the current parking, providing a designated disabled fishing swim in peg 20 and restoring everything to a satisfactory condition.

A schedule of the works can be found here: Towpath Schedule

and further detail of the works here: Works detail


Spider Hall Toilet Block

Work has begun on a permanent toilet block at our Spider Hall complex. The cost of this works will be quickly recouped due to us not having to continually hire the portaloo behind the back lake. The facilities located next to the garages in the front lake car park will remain.

Thanks to all the members involved in the planning and working over the weekend to get phase one complete.


The septic tanks are covered with concrete ready for the bricklaying to begin.

Riverfest 2016

We hosted another qualifier for the 2016 Riverfest competition at Barming on October 9th. We were due to have former world champion Will Raison taking part but he managed to qualify the day before on another qualifier on the river Thames. He did, however, put us all in our places the Sunday before in a practice match at the same venue.

The fishing was hard with very little flow and clear water, anglers with no far bank cover suffered the most, some sections were won with little more than 1lb of fish!

Club member Paul Udell once again narrowly missed out, finishing 3rd overall but crucially 2nd in his zone.

Piotr Kret once again spent the day with his video equipment and edited 5 hours of footage to produce this 10 minute compact footage: Riverfest 2016 – Barming


Match Report

The club matches are back underway following the break for the big opens and it’s all change at the top again following a gruelling day on the River Beult.

Kev Rogers’ Tench saw him see off Peter Dents impressive bag of quality fish to win the match but it was Ken Burdekins 3rd place that saw him leapfrog Mike Rose and the absent Trevor Froud to lead the way with three matches to fish.

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