Joining (Coming Soon…)

M.V.A.S. Membership is currently suspended, new applications and renewals will begin again in the Spring.

Renewals and New Applications will be accepted from mid-April 2019.

Pricing List

  • Joining Fee

    Applies to all new members (except Juniors)

  • Senior Subscription

    Age 20-64 at June 1st

  • Joint Subscription

    Husband & Wife/Equivalent

  • OAP Subscription

    Age 65+ from 1st June

  • Joint OAP Subscription

    Husband & Wife, Age 65+ from 1st June

  • Registered Disabled

    Registered only

  • Intermediate Subscription

    16-19 years from June 1st

  • Junior Subscription

    Under 16 on June 1st of membership year

  • Night Permit

    Not required for Fleet Farm & Medway - Over 16's only

  • Postage

    Required for all applications



When does the M.V.A.S. membership ticket run from & to?

Maidstone Victory membership runs annually from June 1st.

How do I join as a new member?

As a new member you can join M.V.A.S. by post or online via PayPal here. See details of both on this page. If joining online, ensure you pay the ‘Joining fee’ when filling your application.

How do I renew my membership as an existing member?

As an existing member, you can renew your membership as per the usual way via post, or online here. Ensure you input your existing membership number (found in your membership card).

Why are is the membership pricing different if I buy online as opposed to by post?

Because of fees incurred with PayPal transactions, membership prices when paying online are slightly higher – Around 3.4%. Read more about PayPal fees here.

How can I contact someone about membership?

For any enquiries regarding membership, call 07920 113201 or send an e-mail by clicking here.