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M.V.A.S. Membership Renewal – Existing Members


This is for M.V.A.S. existing members to renew their membership. If you’ve never joined M.V.A.S. before, fill in the ‘New Members’ form here.


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I agree and abide by and uphold the rules Maidstone Victory and Medway Preservation Society and I understand that if I break these rules, my membership will be terminated and I will not be entitled to any refund of membership and/or joining fees. I recognise that fishing (especially at night) carries risk, and I will be responsible for taking reasonable care when fishing on club waters as the club cannot be held responsible in all circumstances.

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M.V.A.S. membership runs from June 1st annually. Memberships purchased after this period expire on this date. Please ensure you read our Club Rules which you are expected to follow.

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