Day Tickets​

Day tickets are available for Mote Park, the River Medway Barming, Teston Bridge Country Park and Yalding.
£ 7
  • Also available from: Maidstone Angling, Sandling Road, Maidstone.
  • These must also be purchased in advance and are not available on the bank.

Guest Tickets

Guest tickets are available on many waters, but with some restrictions. They must be purchased in advance by emailing the club at with the details below.
£ 10 /day
  • To purchase a guest ticket, the following information must be provided:
  • Name of member (and number)
  • Name of guest
  • Date of use
  • Water to be fished

Water Bookings

We have limited availability for groups or clubs to block book pegs on some of our waters. These venues are The Rivers Medway and Beult along with Mote Park.
£ 6 /peg
  • Contact the Match and Fixtures secretary for more information.

Aldington and Mote Park

Aldington and Mote Park guest tickets can be purchased from the club by emailing
£ 15 /24 hrs
  • These tickets must be purchased by a member who must fish with the guest.