Great Danes

This really is the water if you want some rod bending action with carp up to 10lb, in a quiet setting very different to most commercial carp fisheries. Fishery management policies have paid dividends in recent years, and the roach also also now well worth fishing for, and will feed in cold weather when the carp slow down.

No Keepnets, Barbless Hooks ONLY, no unaccompanied Juniors, no arrival before 07.15, one rod per angler, no night fishing, no boilies, no dogs. No Guest or Day Tickets Issued.

Please treat the fish with respect. Some of the fish are caught regularly, and suffer from poor quality angling, such as parrot mouths and missing scales. Ensure that the line you are using is strong enough to ease the fish away from snags, play the fish gently, and use a landing net. Yanking them in on ridiculously strong tackle will result in damage. Traditional carp tackle is not required.

The lake is around 1 acre and set in a small area of woodland. It is quite shallow with nowhere more than three feet deep. There is a small island with a number of trees growing through the water. One end of the lake disappears into a marshy wooded area whilst the other end is a small dam.(The lake used to feed one of the many mills in the area). There are swims marked out on three sides of the lake.

The fishery has been much improved in recent years, with comfortable swims available around the three sides, and a clear path. Please ensure your tackle is strong enough to stop the carp snagging on underwater obstructions. The trees also attract hanging decorations on a regular basis, a hazard to birds and other wildlife. Please take care when casting, and use a lighter hooklength to prevent excess line and tackle being left in a snag. In any event, most fish are caught in the margins, so casting against snags isn’t really necessary.

Any bait will work, but, in the summer, bread and sweetcorn are hard to beat, as are red worms and luncheon meat. It is not normally necesary to use any large quantity of groundbait, as the carp are quickly attacted to any disturbance.

In the summer, floating crust is a great way to fish, especially on a light rod (some even use a fly rod for added excitement). No dogs allowed.

Water Rules
  • No Keepnets
  • No night fishing, no arrival before 07:15.
  • No boilies
  • One rod per angler
  • Barbless Hooks ONLY
  • No unaccompanied juniors under 12 years.
  • No Guest or Day Tickets Issued.
  • No dogs