Hinx Hill

As you can see from the photo’s, this is a fabulous looking lake in the middle of a sheltered wood, which is rich in wildlife. On our first visit, we saw snipe, treecreepers, tracks from boar or deer and a whole host of other birds.

The lake itself is 2-3 times the size of the Great Danes, with 15 -20 swims and runs from between 4ft to around 15ft deep, almost completely fringed with ornamental lilies. It is dotted with little reed islands several of which are joined to the ‘mainland’ by bridges.

Parking is close to the lake on private land, but the track needs some improvement.

The water has been stocked with 300 tench and 300 crucians, along with several thousand roach. These fish are thriving, but fishing is proving difficult due to the clarity of the water. It should also be bourne in mind that the stocked fish were all below 8 inches in size, so it will take some time before any larger fish are caught.

After the initial swim and acces improvement, a fishery improvement plan is in place which will hopefully show benefits in the next year or so.

Water Rules
  • Two rods only.
  • No dogs allowed