A shallow lake producing excellent sport with Pike and Tench

This lake has fished very well for tench in recent years , and the roach are beginning to show at a better size. Only the field bank is currently available for fishing.The club is currently undertaking a program of swim improvement, and so far there are swims for around 11 anglers, with more to follow.

The lake is shallow, with around 3 ft of water in most places. The bottom is predominantly silty with a large amount of weed growth in the summer. A rake is definitely beneficial before fishing. There is some excellent pike fishing to be had, especially on surface lures, which can provide some exciting sport.  One end of the lake is a nature reserve so please respect the wildlife.

IMPORTANT: This is a shooting estate and the lake is closed on a regular basis for shooting. Please refer to the calendar or your handbook for details.


Water Rules

  • 2 rods maximum
  • Fishing only from the bank closest to car park, not from far bank or end of lake.
  • No dogs
  • No guest day tickets
  • No fishing while shooting is in progress (see calendar)
  • Night fishing with permit only.


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