River Beult – Cross At Hand

In the summer, this stretch of river is like something from an imaginary countryside scene. Sheep graze in the field while the lily lined river winds its way across the fields.

There is very little flow, and duckweed can be a problem in the height of summer, but the fishing is well worth the trouble. The width, in most places is less than 12 metres, but the depth varies considerably, to well over 10 feet in some swims, so take care on the bank. There is a large head of small rudd and roach, which can be a problem if maggot fishing in the summer. However, fishing with heavier tackle (to bully fish away from the lilies),carp bream and tench of good size are all possible. Sweetcorn or worm over groundbait are favourite methods, either float fished or with a small feeder. I have seen several tench taken in a session in the depths of winter.

It is inevitable that, while fishing this venue, you will encounter pike. They range in size from under a pound, to independently verified thirty pounders. These fish play an important part in the balance of the water and should always be treated with care and respect. If you are fishing for pike, you should be able to cope with the eventuality of actually catching one. Use the right strength gear, a good sized landing net, and be able to safely unhook the fish. An unhooking mat is a must, as the weight of their own bodies can damage these fish if laid on the ground.

Water Rules
  • Only SEA Deadbaits.
  • No dogs allowed