Spider Hall

Spider Hall comprises of three lakes, all offering specimen carp fishing amongst other species

Spider Hall Has three lakes in its complex. They are heavily tree lined with an average depth of around 11 feet, although the back pit Lake runs to 18 feet.

The Back Lake is predominantly fished for carp, with a number running over 30lb. A good number of ghosties are present, to 40lb+. Excellent bream are caught, fish in excess of 15lb being recorded. There are a number of tackle and bait restrictions in force on the Back Lake, so please refer to your handbook prior to fishing.

The Front Lake has extensive lily beds, a refuge for tench of 11lb+ bream over 15lb and carp well into double figures. The pike are also approaching the 20lb mark. As with the Back Lake, some bait bream and carp to 20lb+.

All the lakes are crystal clear and in beautiful surroundings. The fishing is not easy but the rewards can be high.

For the carp,, popped up boilies and corn fished to the plateaus or gravel bars is a favourite tactic. For the bream, cereal feed with corn, worm or bread can bring results, and will also lure the tench.

Hemp maggot or caster will bring the roach. The back pit responds well to a bait laid in the margins.restrictions apply.

The smaller back pit holds double figure bream and carp to 20lb+.

Water Rules
  • No dogs/pets
  • No swimming
  • No rabbiting or shooting
  • No fires/BBQs
  • Permission must be obtained before burning anything at work parties
  • Cutting trees or shrubs is forbidden
  • Abusive behaviour is not tolerated
  • The sanctuary and island are out of bounds to all members unless authorised
  • Fishing is from 5am – 10pm from May 1st until October 1st, and from sunrise to sunset between October 2nd – April 30th unless a night permit is held.
  • No night fishing under guest permits
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Fish Photos

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