About M.V.A.S.

MVAS has a wide variety of waters in the Maidstone area to cater for most types of fishing, from specimen hunting for huge carp, to small ponds, to many miles of the River Medway. If you are not catching, or need advice on how to tackle a new water then just get in touch.


  • Mote Park Grant Approved Club member Andy Willmore has been working with the EA to secure a significant grant to improve the habitat for fish and wildlife at Mote Park. Most of the money will be spent

  • Danger from Falling Trees! In recent weeks we have had two instances of willows at Spider Hall falling in high winds. On one occasion an anglers barrow was damaged but it could easily have been much w

  • Juniors Day 2017 Maidstone Victory Angling Society, supported by local tackle dealers West Malling Angling, Nick’s Tackle, Range Baits, Shop4tackle and D&A Angling, hosted a very enjoyable a