About M.V.A.S.

MVAS has a wide variety of waters in the Maidstone area to cater for most types of fishing, from specimen hunting for huge carp, to small ponds, to many miles of the River Medway. If you are not catching, or need advice on how to tackle a new water then just get in touch.


The club is always on the lookout for junior members. Numbers have dropped in recent years, with only one or two contesting the junior championship. If you know of any juniors who are keen to learn, or would like to meet others and enjoy a days fishing, put them in touch, we can always arrange for them to be picked up and supervised. The club outings are a great chance to fish different waters and to meet the other members, as well as have a chance at some fancy silverware!

This years Junior Champion was Simon, beating Paul in the final match at Mote Park in October, and ending Paul’s run of several years as champion. You can see from the photo that conditions were far from ideal!

If you have any photos of juniors with their fish, send them on. Depending on the response, we might run to a prize for the best.