Clock House Farm – Bon Fleur

Water Rules
Rules  no dogs.  2 rods maximum  Be aware that horses may be present, especially on the far bank of the first lake (marked on map). They have priority and should be avoided.  Some farm workers have the right to fish, these will have club permits.  As farm reservoirs, the water levels will fluctuate but generally there will be at least 6ft of water. Fishing from the waterline is safe, with care as the bed is firm. No spodding No fishing from the pump area. No braid due to underwater pipes
Water Notes
Bon Fleur Lakes Available from June 1st 2023 We have acquired a long lease on two reservoirs which belong to Clock House Farm between Coxheath and Hunton. The water nearest the road, Bramley, will be mainly Carp, while the farther res, Braeburn will have Tench, Crucians, Rudd, Roach, skimmers and Perch. Planning is in place for a new larger res on the site which will hopefully be dug in 2024. This is a long term project and we know there is more work to be done so bear with us.  From Maidstone, proceed to Linton Hill and carry on down the hill  At the sign for the fruit processing factory, turn right into Redwall lane, as if going to Hunton.  Continue on past the fruit processing factory.  Turn right into Bon Fleur Lane and continue for half a mile.  The car park is on the left, just past the lake which is visible on the left hand side.  From the car park, follow the prescribed walking path to the left.  W3W = Promotion,Comfort,Fend Postcode ME17 4BD