The lake is part of the flood relief system for the River Stour, and is on low lying marshy ground with some excellent wildlife. During heavy rain, the lake and all the surrounding land for many hundreds of yards can become submerged to a depth over 10 feet. For this reason it is important to note the weather conditions, and any rise in the water level should prompt you to leave the fishery as quickly as possible.

The lake itself is very irregular, both in shape and depth, from well over 15 feet to almost nothing, which makes for interesting fishing. There are some small islands within casting range, and a small stream enters at one end.

Catching is possible under most conditions, and catches are improving all the time.

The Road and car park for this venue are now completed. Parking (in dry conditions) is over the sleeper bridge and against the fence on the left hand side. DO NOT Drive down in wet conditions, and do not park next to the lake.

Water Rules
  • Night Fishing w/ Permit only
  • 2 rod maximum
  • Barbless/Microbarbed hooks only
  • Close all gates
  • No dogs
Water Notes
  • This is a flood-relief lake and may rise quickly. Take care and leave immediately should the water begin to rise.
  • Anglers may drive to the lower gate to drop off and pick up tackle. A new car park is planned across the river
  • Do not drive over the bridge in its current condition.